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Old Metal Christmas, A to Z: GRIFFIN

bruce dickinson spottedMore US Power Metal dominance for our blog, and another special holiday presentation with San Francisco’s GRIFFIN.  While many of their Bay Area brothers were growing fat on speed/thrash, GRIFFIN took more to the heavy metal roots of the movement in crafting their 1986 debut Flight of the Griffin.

The attitude of late 70s/early 80s JUDAS PRIEST just seethes throughout this fine album, thanks in large part to the untethered, devil-may-care screeching of William McKay.  Comparisons to OMEN and their lively medieval fetishism should be obvious, which could also reasonably lead us to the rough-hewn fantasies of the previously featured BROCAS HELM from the same part of the world.

Some of the GRIFFIN guys had brief stints in METAL CHURCH, which may be a good place to start in lieu of spending your salary on this very OOP disc from the dusty Shrapnel Records catalog.  Early OVERKILL, although more down-to-earth and harder-nosed overall, fostered many burgeoning power metal moments that rival the attitude and construction of those here and should not be forgotten either.



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