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Your Halloween (Mostly) Metal Playlist

Just a little something for your All Hallow’s Weekend from all of us here at Into the Void Records.  You’ll notice how literally I’m taking the idea and how I left THE MISFITS off the list.  Guess if that was intentional!

First, a little German power/speed metal history lesson with BLIND GUARDIAN’s “Halloween (The Wizard’s Crown).”  The parantehtical name was due to a change between the LUCIFER’S HERITAGE days and their first album as BG Battalions of Fear.  A catchy little number that is outshone by the rest of the excellent album!

And who can leave out HELLOWEEN and their quasi-eponymic, monstrously epic “Halloween” complete with theatrical music video.  Thrill the kids before their diabetic comas kick in.

Back in the United States, where we actually celebrate Halloween proper, there’s a long-standing heavy metal act known as OCTOBER 31.  Brainchild of maniac King Fowley (DECEASED), last year’s Bury the Hatchet was a solid effort chalk full of melancholic yet melodic metal thrills.  The title track is a real-life tale of sadistic Halloween hijinks as only King Fowley can spin it.

If melodic heavy metal is your bag of tricks I’ve got another treat for you — MANILLA ROAD!  Their most recent, 2015’s The Blessed Curse/After the Muse, continues these epic USPM pioneers on their path to metallic immortality.  Check out the loooong and meandering track “All Hallow’s Eve” that the ‘ROAD snatched deep from their catacombs and reanimated for your aural excitement.

And while we’re in America, don’t pretend you don’t remember this one…or maybe you don’t.  Some early MINISTRY madness on possibly the least appropriate day for it, taking the title at face value.

And finally, back in Denmark the grandfather of all “Halloween” tunes — KING DIAMOND!  This one’s a B-sider on the substantially underrated Fatal Portrait debut.  Come grab the vinyl while it lasts!

There’s at least an hours entertainment here for the discerning listener so you’ll have to play it strategically. Eat, drink and drive safe and enjoy your alternative identity for the weekend before turning into a metalhead pumpkin come Samhain on Sunday.  Cheers!


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