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Old Metal Thursday, A to Z: WHY

God, this is getting hard.  Once upon a time as a slightly younger metal bloke, whose knowledge of traditional metal was nominal, I found myself playing a rousing round of Metal Mental Meltdown.  This was somewhere in Canada, mind you, and the game is the brainchild of a Canadian metalhead with a strange affinity for dusty hard rock acts like HELIX and KROKUS, so the circumstances were ripe for some Molson-swilling fun.

For three death/black metal guys just trying to kill some time, our round of MMM was the equivalent of rifling blind through the Zellers cut-out bin and playing name that trailer park tune.  With guns to our heads.  We were in way too deep, and after a frustrating hour with stationary game pieces and vanishing libations we were ready to end it, put on our overcoats and head outside to enjoy the pristine August weather.

But Canadians and their visitors never give up on boredom.  And finally, our aimless drunken patience paid off as a pattern began to emerge.  Remember all the old 70s version of Trivial Pursuit your parents never played, where every third answer seemed to be either Richard Nixon or Barbara Streisand?  It turns out Metal Mental Meltdown has a master key as well: Oakland, California’s Y&T.  A band I had never even heard mentioned prior and almost never since.  A band so far down the relevance totem pole we’ve probably all stubbed our toes on it and cursed its name.

So after a longish, stupid backstory, behold the work of the band I still had not bothered hearing a note of until just now: 1982’s Black Tiger.  According to Wikipedia, “The classic Y&T logo makes its first appearance on the cover of this record.”  I can’t wait!

Rock hard and enjoy your weekend everybody!


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