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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: YATTERING

tiny emperor sunglassesHello all, and welcome to the penultimate edition of Death Metal Monday where we’ve again been handed a dearth of useful choices thanks to the quirks of our English alphabet.  Today we’ll hop the Atlantic to Poland to feature YATTERING, the only “Y” band that readily sprang to mind when I realized I’d eventually hit this sticking point a while back.

Although mostly forgotten now, in part because of an ill-advised techno/electronic album at the tail end of their career, YATTERING enjoyed some success in the early ’00s, including a licensing deal with Relapse Records for their sophomore work Murder’s Concept.  Of everything in their career though, I think the 1998 debut Human’s Pain is their slab of Polish death metal most deserving of revisitation.  So how does it hold up?

From the word go YATTERING throw a few curveballs, the most overtly annoying of which are the dry and distorted vocals trading places with the competent, if generic, lead growls.  Boiling beneath those is a percussive and strongly American take on death metal not unlike that of  many of the late 90s/early 00s Polish scene (godfathers VADER, DIES IRAE, TRAUMA, DEVILYN, HATE, etc.).  Unlike the others, however, YATTERING’s influence was less MORBID ANGEL and more CANNIBAL CORPSE; less esoteric blasting and more bass-rich blunt force trauma, with some well-intentioned variation and a slight nod to melody along the way.  The skill on display on Human’s Pain is immense and undeniable on all fronts and makes for a pleasant listen for those death metallers who remember the million directions of the late 1990s and its time of confusion for the genre.

For all that though, it’s YATTERING’s touch of adventurism, i.e. unbridled enthusiasm for complex riff salad, that gets them in trouble. These songs pass by as landscape through the window of a high-speed train: impressive at any given moment but very difficult to recall in the aggregate when the ride is through.  There are next to zero hooks or rhythmic tricks working as signposts within the songs to provide the listener any sense of location or direction, which is unfortunate given the obvious raw talent at work in the performance.

Thankfully there are other Polish gems available and worthy of your admiration, among them VADER’s first classic The Ultimate Incantation.  And for a litany of other mile-a-minute, riff-a-second death metal bands, Into the Void Records has you covered.  If you’re still intrigued by Human’s Pain after your introductory listen Discogs can sate your desire for techy Euro death metal on the cheap with this one.



4 comments on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: YATTERING

  1. Passenger
    June 8, 2015

    For some reason I didn’t notice this entry, as it’s not listed in
    I feel bad that I didn’t comment it the day it was done.

    In regards to the entry, some trivia about Yattering:
    Their drummer played in Vader as a replacement for Docent, for a while, during Docent’s first serious drugs-related crisis. I guess that this is when the band met Vader’s manager, who later became also a manager for Yattering.

    However, it seems that the band wasn’t satisfied with the cooperation, since they
    pretty soon ended the contract with Massive Management that was onwed by Vader’s manager. Later, they “dedicated” a song to their former manager (Message to M.A.R.I.O. on album Genocide). The “III” album was a purposely bad techno / experimental release, as the band wanted to leave their then-current label (was it “Season of Mist”? can’t say for sure).

    From what I heard, the band was a little difficult to work with, and they split-up for good after “Genocide”.

    Their music might sound generic, but is definitely a good example of Polish Brutal Death Metal, with this one-of-a-kind Thrashy flavor.

    • Neil
      June 16, 2015

      Yes, I’ve definitely been slow lately (still haven’t finished Z!), which is reflected in my failure to update the index page. I’ve since corrected it.

      Once again, thanks for the excellent insider info. I liked YATTERING a lot when they were first around to the point where I had an original CD press of Human’s Pain and eagerly awaited their Relapse licensing deal. I still think it is good, which I hope my review got across, but the VADER-like style (or perhaps stripped down MORBID ANGEL) is prone to single-mindedness and it isn’t easy for me to sing such high praise for anymore. Still enjoyable aesthetically and the skill level is excellent.

      Interesting note also on the throwaway album…now that you mention it I remember hearing something similar. Reminds me of the MASTER’S HAMMER story.

      Any idea for death metal Z? I need to close out this series once and for all before I go on to other things!


      • Passenger
        June 21, 2015

        You’re welcome Neil!
        You can always mail me, but I think that Zyklon would be good enough.
        Like Yattering, they are generic, but they are the best death metal band on Z.
        Still, the fact that Zyklon is from Norway, and that it’s a super-group should be enough for the list

      • Neil
        June 23, 2015

        ZYKLON is a good one. That was my fall-back pick in case nothing more clever came to mind, which it obviously didn’t. They’re a bit forgotten nowadays and I just relistened to World ov Worms again recently, so why not? Next week!

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