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Quick Old Metal Thursday, A to Z: XENTRIX

X stands first tonight for Xcel Energy Center, where the local squad failed to even win a game in the conference semi-finals this year.  Better luck next year guys.

X also stands, rather predictably, for the United Kingdom’s XENTRIX, who were perhaps the only truly commercially viable thrash band from the late 80s from that part of the world.  Both their 1989 debut Shattered Existence and 1990’s To Whose Advantage? held court with the likes of METALLICA, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and other more accessible acts in terms of chops and songwriting skill.  Unfortunately, this is another case of too little, too late in terms of launching themselves to commercial viability in those transitional and tumultuous metal times.

I’m not going to lie and pretend I’ve heard the first one more than a handful of times.  The second album is better known to me for violating the cardinal rule of not using a question mark in an album title than it is for any singular identifying trait of the actual music. I can’t deny the Repka-esque awkward 80s social commentary cover art either.  Sad but true.

Regardless of this one idiot’s opinion or lack thereof, any fan of the big boys should find something to hold onto here, and its giving me a reason to reach back in time a bit and re-open my own experiences to see if there’s something worth hearing by these limey thrash savants.

Both albums presented without additional commentary below.  Thus completes my Roadracer/Roadrunner REALM/TOXIK/XENTRIX thrashing hat trick.  Sorry again for the quick one today everybody — enjoy your weekend!



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