Into the Void Records USA [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

St. Paul, Minnesot'as True Metal Record Store (RIP as of Dec. 24, 2015)

Quick Old Metal Thursday, A to Z: WITCHKILLER

gay of the saxonsA quick strike again today with WITCHKILLER, Ottawa’s favorite sons of metallic destruction.  While supposedly active to present day, these warriors of traditional metal have been awfully silent on official channels since their Day of the Saxons EP on Metal Blade waaaayyy back in 1984.  They, too, may have been relegated entirely to the dustbin of Internet history if Metal Blade hadn’t thought to revisit them with a 30th anniversary reissue just last year.  Please enjoy my favorite track from the album, the opener and self-titled classic “Day of the Saxons,” and come visit Into the Void Records for your very own copy if you enjoy their straightforward take on the denim-and-studs early 80s scene.

Enjoy this excellent and spirited cover by deserving old-school stalwarts OCTOBER 31 while you’re at it:

And for those reading this far, I also intend a full-blown retrospective of a somewhat more prolific and more deserving “W” band release late this weekend.  Stay tuned!



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