Into the Void Records USA [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

St. Paul, Minnesot'as True Metal Record Store (RIP as of Dec. 24, 2015)

Not Death Metal Monday — Check Out This New RANGER Album Instead

Howdy!  Eagle-eyed readers probably noticed I missed last Thursday’s feature, so instead of getting ahead of myself I’ll throw out a recent highlight of Finnish old-school intensity: RANGER!  Their recent debut full-length Where Evil Dwells has been flying off the Into the Void Records shelves and deserves a nod here for its infectious retro-done-right speed/death/thrash metal mania.

Where Evil Dwells is nested somewhere between the archetypal speed metal of AGENT STEEL, the bombast of SLAYER’s Haunting the Chapel and the over-the-top Satanic furor of ONSLAUGHT’s The Force.  Check out the streaming album playlist below and be sure to stop by for your copy once your neck heals and your voice comes back.  Bonus official video below that for the full flavor of these valiant captors of sin.



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