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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: SADISTIC INTENT

saunatic intentGreetings!  After a helpful commenter mentioned Los Angeles’s RISE as a DMM candidate for last week, fellow Angelenos SADISTIC INTENT immediately sprung to mind as an ideal candidate for this week’s feature among many deserving “S” bands.  Today we’ll focus on 1994’s Resurrection EP from these long-standing old-school death metal gods.

Why an EP, and this one in particular?  For those unfamiliar with the SADISTIC INTENT back story, their inability to produce a full-length effort after 28 (!!!!) years in the underground scene is one of the longest-running good-natured jokes in the genre. It’s certainly not for lack of trying (so to speak), and I have the Necropolis Records catalogs from 1997/1998 touting their upcoming full-length The Second Coming of Darkness to prove it.  The oddest part is old interviews assert the album was almost fully recorded at one point, while newer ones seem to suggest there is nothing impending (so to speak) on that front.  Perhaps SADISTIC INTENT’s position as POSSESSED’s backing band or running the Dark Realm Records store has been too time consuming?  Either way, it’s been at least 15 years since the promise of a full-length and one would be great to see in our lifetimes.

So why the Resurrection EP?  Honestly, only because the superior Ancient Black Earth EP is not on YouTube.  Ha!  But I don’t want to sell this one short, either: all of SADISTIC INTENT’s material rages with occult and old-school atmospheres sorely lacking in bands of more recent vintage.  Enjoy!

Brooding, blasting, brutal chaos.  Deep within the mire lurks the souls of Altars of Madness, Seven Churches, Hell Awaits, The Return and Severed Survival among others: a true menagerie of old-school death/thrash influences perfectly suitable in 1994 or the present.  What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, like their mythical full-length, much of SADISTIC INTENT’s material is long out-of-print and feels condemned to obscurity at present.  Try to catch them live on the festival circuit and ask them directly what’s happening, or stop by their shop if you find yourself in LA.  In the meantime you know what to do.



One comment on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: SADISTIC INTENT

  1. Passenger
    March 18, 2015

    A little surprising choice at first, but after reading the article, I can only agree.

    It’s really hard to understand what makes this band in particular prevent from releasing albums, as there are numerous examples of bands with little to no discography that managed to have at least one album released, even if 20 years later. Is it laziness? Lack of funds? Lack of interest from fans, or labels or band itself? Or maybe just bad luck?

    Only this year Festerday and Putrid Offal have will release / have released debut albums + collection of demos, so yes, I am baffled about Sadistic Intent.

    Anyway, I always welcome veterans releasing albums, and I especially dig unreleased albums, and always pity when they remain unreleased.

    There are way too many bands on S to mention to give this letter justice, but I think that Severance (from Texas), or Skinless (which probably most are familiar with) is the least I can recommend.

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