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Death Metal Monday, A to Z (DST Failure Edition): REVENANT

dr vegg and his grad studentsI promised R would be a “lot better” than last week’s Q disaster and perhaps I can claim that with New Jersey’s REVENANT and their long-lost (and only) Nuclear Blast full-length Prophecies of a Dying World from 1991.  Sort of the technical death/thrash album to sound the death knell for all other albums of that stripe, and not because it’s that spectacular, but because the style was becoming so quickly antiquated.  This hasn’t stopped its typical trajectory from an album Nuclear Blast/Relapse couldn’t give away two years after its release to Discogs bait in the $50+ range.  See if you think that makes sense after sampling the full stream below.

There is some history here, with John McEntee of INCANTATION handling guitars in the band’s demo years and Paul Ledney of PROFANATICA infamy playing drums very early on.  How much those energies transferred to the end result I find hard to say.  At the very least leadman Henry Veggian provides some thoughtful lyrics even if the originality there is a bit barren as well.  But hey, he’s a professor of comparative literature at UNC Chapel Hill, so who am I to judge?

Another quick one this week, sadly.  I’m feeling blindsided by DST and should be in prime form when my circadian rhythms re-enter a normal state.



2 comments on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z (DST Failure Edition): REVENANT

  1. Passenger
    March 14, 2015

    Phew. I was worried that you abandoned the column…

    Great choice. Also, Resurrection’s “Embalmed Existence”, Rhadamantys “Labyrinth of Thoughts”, Ripping Corpse “Dreaming with the Dead” (Erik Rutan’s first band), Rise (whole discography), Rottrevore, Runemagick also recommended.

    In regards to Revenant, a little trivia: the band, or should I say, frontman wasn’t satisfied with the production and the sound of the album (a little similar situation to what happened with Monstrosity’s debut album, but they managed to re-release it on their own) and he more or less hates the debut. Too bad that the band didn’t release a second album, because they were great.

    Another important thing to point out is that Revenant belonged to the earliest wave of bands who wanted to play Thrash, only more extreme (which was the case of all early Death Metal bands). What is great about bands like this one, is that they weren’t influenced by others, and their extremity was a natural progression. Practically every early 80s/90 DM band wanted to play like Slayer, only faster, more aggressive, etc.

    Also, I don’t think anything beats Wagner Lamounier (from Sarcofago) being PhD in economics. I don’t want to be smug, but I already have a master degree in the field of accounting and management (pretty cool, I know), and I plan on being PhD as well. Educate yourself before it’s too late!!

    Also, don’t be so hard on yourself with the Q. I enjoyed the article. (BTW, if you are worried about XYZ, feel free to mail me for advice)

    • Neil
      March 15, 2015

      RIPPING CORPSE would have been my second choice, I think. And I forgot about RISE! Very underrated stuff…Shadow of Ruins is lurking in my CD collection and I’m going to have to pull it out on this fine day.

      Of XYZ I think Z is toughest. Thanks again for keeping up and for all the additional recommendations!

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