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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: ????

Heh.  We all knew this day was coming and it was going to be impossible, so today will be me phoning in a post for sake of alphabetic continuity.

Amusingly, my ???? in the title is the name of an actual band, also known as FOUR QUESTION MARKS.  Sounds like some French MESHUGGAH runaround to me.  Enjoy?

And from the other side of the froggy pond is QUO VADIS, who also exemplify a technical, modern style of death metal with melodic touches and crunchy breaks.

And — something of a stretch for “Q” — check out A CANOROUS QUINTET (first known as A CANOROUS QUARTET — so fucking literal) from Sweden, who are melodeath 100 percent rooted in the mid-90s No Fashion Records tradition.

Oh god.  I promise R will be a lot better…see you next week!



3 comments on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: ????

  1. Passenger
    March 3, 2015

    I’m positively surprised that someone counts Meshuggah-influenced as being part of Death Metal. I was sort of saying that for years with mixed results.

    Anyway, we all know that it’s hard to find a band starting with Q, let alone good Death Metal one. But frankly, I am much more concerned with X,Y,Z.

    I could give you some tips, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

    • Neil
      March 3, 2015

      Yeah, the idea of MESHUGGAH as death metal is a stretch. To be fair I only read a description and listened to about 15 seconds of ???? before posting. Haha! So maybe there’s some death metal tucked away in there. That’s why I grabbed two more bands anyway.

  2. Passenger
    March 5, 2015

    Meshuggah itself is a pretty interesting band, as they defy the conventional labels and their rise to popularity was slow, but gradual.

    The safest term for them would be probably “extreme” metal, even if they definitely do have some DM influences on various albums, but of course, not the only one, as there is also Thrash Metal, Progressive, Metalcore, Industrial, etc. The list would be long.

    I always considered Obzen and Destroy Erase Improve to be their most DM-related albums, but I realize that is not a popular opinion. That’s it from me, see ya next week!

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