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Old Metal Thursday, A to Z: OVERKILL

overkill_band_photoOVERKILL.  Too obvious?  Too bad!  (Or maybe !!!FUCK YOU!!! fits here.)   There are many longstanding bands in metal preceded by their own reputations and OVERKILL is near the top of that heap.  My youthful perception of them as a middling thrash outfit (probably fair when taken as a whole) with a goofy logo, song titles and album art (still 100 percent correct) and a grating East Coast style (true, but more charming now than before) never helped them click with me during my formative years in metal.  I hated their Megaforce Records labelmates ANTHRAX just as much for the same reasons.  My getting into harder metal just as OVERKILL were releasing I Hear Black and W.F.O. certainly didn’t help matters any.

Unlike ANTHRAX though, it turns out OVERKILL has a number of redeeming qualities such as once actually being a thrash band and not having Scott Ian.  Feel the Fire is the ultimate immolator of pre-conceived notions that I’ll let speak for itself: street-level gutter thrash that absolutely wastes everything in sight.  Oh, and easily the best cover art of their career.  Feel the Fire is still widely available, a positive relic of OVERKILL’s years of relative fame in the US scene.  Enjoy!



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