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Death Metal Monday, A to Z (Defunct and Local Edition): OSSUARY INSANE

from der ossuary daysHappy Monday once again!  Today we bring you local action with a lost gem and OSSUARY INSANE’s Demonize the Flesh (1998).  Released on the utterly obscure Galdre Records imprint from Germany, it’s unlikely this disc was heard much worldwide (or has since been largely forgotten), with perhaps only a few more devotees created in the Twin Cities through direct contact.  A close friend, for instance, was lucky enough to find a copy of the CD at Sam Goody (!) in the Mall of America on consignment (!!!) and took a chance on it.  I personally traded used CDs with a Dutch fellow to obtain my own copy shortly thereafter. Given the high caliber of old-school death metal on display, it’s unfortunate Demonize the Flesh couldn’t have reached more ears back in its time.  Thankfully a faithful sort has taken the effort to upload it song-by-song to YouTube for all of our archival enjoyment.

Well that’s certainly fucking RAW, isn’t it?  And more than fitting, if just a bit unrefined. Ensconced in this scathing exterior is an excellent menagerie of death metal riffcraft ordered by top-notch songwriting.  OSSUARY INSANE placed their mid-paced, leaden and (forgive me) groovy side front and center, occasionally shifting their momentum with high-velocity, blackened blast beat passages or crawling dual guitar work to great effect.

The riff development and variations here can border on amazing: check out “Imprecari” and “The Olde Ragged Cross” for prime examples.  The latter track in particular is a death metal bounty, touching on crawling harmony, blasting chaos, mid-paced trill and other seemingly disparate motifs within a matter of seconds while managing to keep every element in check.  I’m not being hyperbolic when I say this is one of my favorite metal songs of all time by anybody, anywhere in any genre.  If you do anything with this post I hope you’ll at least give that track a chance.

It’s almost impossible to pick out influences here: such is the rare and excellent job OSSUARY INSANE did to separate themselves from genre clichés.  Please enjoy this piece of local death metal history and use it as inspiration for your own projects as we continue to solidify and strengthen metal in the Twin Cities area!



5 comments on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z (Defunct and Local Edition): OSSUARY INSANE

  1. Passenger
    February 22, 2015

    This one was completely unexpected. In your previous articles, you mentioned that for example, Judecca was an unknown entity. However, if there is any band in your column that deserves the “obscure” tag, it’s Ossuary Insane. Great, great band that largely went unnoticed and that literally is known among 10 people or less. I hope that thanks to your article more people will dig this album, because yes, it’s a pure Death Metal delight.

    • Neil
      February 22, 2015

      Many thanks for this and all your other comments! Getting people thinking about death metal again is certainly the hope, and it’s particularly nice to have such an obscure great to point to in our own backyard.

      I’m trying to balance obscurity and excellence as well as I can with these selections. Sometimes even the seemingly very popular acts of only 10-15 years ago have somewhat disappeared from consciousness and it’s a pleasure to bring them back even in this small way.

      Again, thanks for the comments and great alternative selections. I’ll be looking forward to the second time around.


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  3. Konrad
    June 9, 2015

    Nice one! Then you might be interested to know that we (To the Death Records+ Blood Harvest Records) will see to that all OSSUARY INSANE will be re-issued on vinyl in the next year. All with cohesive covers done by M. Frisk. Expect the first (out of three) LP before new year.

    • Neil
      June 9, 2015

      Wow, that rules! We’ll have to be in touch about some store copies. Looking forward to it!

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