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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: LUBRICANT

frowns and fiveheadsAhoy.  Nearly half way through our alphabetic odyssey, Death Metal Monday finally finds us in zit-faced Finland with LUBRICANT and their obscure Nookleptia EP from 1993.

Superficially, everything about this release is Finland incarnate, from the slightly confusing cover to the monstrous teenage foreheads of these Scandinavian aliens.  This is practically a compendium of Finnish death metal trademarks 1988-1993, competently delivered and bolstered by a well-rounded sound.

So why aren’t these guys better known, their having only limited official output notwithstanding?  The closing of Morbid Records certainly didn’t help, but more of the blame probably rests squarely on the eclectic (i.e. disconnected, immature) songwriting of  LUBRICANT themselves.  One minute they’re mired in pure CARCASS-worship blasting with the attendant thesaurus-y song-titles and lyrics. The next, they run headlong into a psychedelic/BLACK SABBATH groove, which seemed to be a predilection of many of their metal-weary countrymen sooner or later (cf AMORPHIS, XYSMA, DISGRACE, CONVULSE).  And in between they’re stoking melodic doom/death fires, usually just long enough to hit on one iteration of an excellent mournful riff before the tempo picks up again.  It’s actually pretty maddening trying to find anything on Nookleptia worthy of more than passing attention.  The tone-deaf Ozzy-like clean vocals that crop up occasionally don’t help make things seem any more cohesive or thoughtful.

Despite these problems, it’s strange indeed these guys never went on to anything else in metal after folding in 1994. The skill and want was certainly there, so more likely their late entry into legitimacy damned their path as death metal’s star faded in the mid-1990s.  Pity, really — a bit of grown-up discipline may have gone a long way to LUBRICANT hitting on some above average listening in tradition of other Finnish excellence.  Stick to the known classics from the country for your fix instead, AMORPHIS The Karelian Isthmus, SENTENCED North from Here and CONVULSE World Without God being among the most readily available among them.



2 comments on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: LUBRICANT

  1. Passenger
    February 22, 2015

    Lubricant followed more in the footsteps of Xysma. The name itself is a little unusual. In certain regards, Lubricant reminds me of Leukemia, another quirky Death Metal band. However, and this is a crime against metal, there were so many great bands that never went beyond the demo stage, like Timeghoul. I really hope that anyone who stumbles on this article will give a spin to this mini-album, because it’s totally worth it.

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