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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: JUDECCA

beyond what guys can't seeThis week will be an odd one.  First, a test: name a band even questionably death metal that begins with J.  A few of you clever ones may have come up with JUNGLE ROT, whose material is not on my shelf and therefore may have occurred to me only after some intense and cleansing thought.  None of the few artists in my collection starting with J are even remotely death metal, though thankfully one — not JUDAS PRIEST — will be compatible with the upcoming Thursday theme.  But that will leave today a bit empty by circumstance.

Fearing a shutout a few days ago, I admit I fell victim to a Metal Archives search to find subject matter and discovered a remarkably small number of bands actually fit today’s criteria.  Seriously, try it yourself.  So rather than resort to the obvious choice, why not be an asshole and introduce you to the one familiar (to me) yet totally unknown name (to everyone else on the planet) I unearthed: JUDECCA, from death metal rich Florida of all places.  Their only “full-length” album is 1996s Beyond, What the Eyes Can’t See, released back in the day on the infamous and long-defunct Wild Rags Records.

I admit I never heard this band until streaming the above, and outside of seeing their obscure demo/EP covers in Wild Rags print ads I had largely purged the name from memory.  There may have been a reason for that.  What we get in JUDECCA is fairly standard early 90s CANNIBAL CORPSE worship, right down to the unwavering staccato drum attack, pinch harmonic masturbation, rubber-band bass sound and sexualized lyrics (although credit where credit is due for the title “The Stench of an Undouched Cunt.”)  Perhaps some DEICIDE has been tossed in there for good measure, particularly in the Glen Benton-like vocal exhortations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those are two of the 10 or so death metal bands JUDECCA ever actually heard.

The songs are mercilessly short and still manage to be void of decent riffs and any movement, a stunning feat of lackadaisical songwriting.  Even at about two minutes each JUDECCA see fit to include a useless movie sample on every track and therefore practically beg you to notice how much of your time they’re wasting.  Add in high-school notebook cover art and we have a classic example of too little, too late trend-happy metal, which doesn’t always don the accessible garb we expect: sometimes it’s just plain bad.  It may be fitting that none of these blokes seem to have been involved in metal before or since the band’s breakup in 1998.

Sorry kids — can’t win ’em all.  A Spanish imprint recently repressed JUDECCA’s entire discography to CD if you’re still interested.  At the very least the label’s distro appears to keep around a nice collection of 90s obscurities, including out-of-print discs (I spotted FLESHCRAWL and GORELUST without much effort, for instance), so have a look at their site in the spirit of death metal camaraderie.

If paying shipping from Europe isn’t your bag, you know what to do in the meantime.  Check back next week for “K” as we approach the meaty heart of our death metal alphabet.



One comment on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: JUDECCA

  1. Passenger
    February 21, 2015

    Good death metal bands starting with J I know (beside the mentioned): Jumpin’ Jesus, Jasad, Judgement Day. Judecca is known among true death metal maniacs.

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