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Old Metal New Year’s Day, A to Z: HELSTAR

sneaker authenticityHappy New Year!  Start it off right with some power-thrashing madness from Texas’s favorite sons HELSTAR.

I’m including the 1986 Remnants of War album here, which is a great representation of their characteristic style.  At once nimble, proud and wild, HELSTAR erected their throne athwart the US power/speed/thrash metal intersection and use their hallowed perch to send away all pretenders.  I’ve also included it for the convenience of the full-play YouTube video.

In a sane universe HELSTAR would be known as 10 times the band as the similar and less agile FORBIDDEN, to select one example, but I presume geography may have gotten the best of them.  To their credit HELSTAR does what they can to keep current — the unstoppable James Rivera continues to lend his golden voice to them (among many others), and the instrumental talent remains top notch.  Once you’ve heard the album above there shouldn’t be much else to add other than three New Year’s Resolutions for 2015:

1.  Shop at Into the Void Records

2.  Buy HELSTAR’s classics A Distant Thunder and Nosferatu, which can be purchased separately or as a double disc with bonus content

3.  Check out some other classics while you’re at it: FATES WARNING’s Awaken the Guardian or The Spectre Within for less secular US progressive/power metal, or DEATHROW’s Deception Ignored for a thrashier take on technical metal at HELSTAR’s level.



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