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Old Metal Thursday, A to Z: FORBIDDEN

clearly sensitive to your feelsWe’re coming back to American shores and reaching further above ground with FORBIDDEN on this lovely mid-December Old Metal Thursday.  Let’s discuss their 1988 album Forbidden Evil, shall we?

For a debut album in this style the year 1988 seems awfully late.  I think anybody could rifle off about 15 genre albums on par with or better than this one that were released at least a year or more prior, no sweat.  Having put together six (!) demos/rehearsals under the FORBIDDEN EVIL moniker earns them no points here as the material was sparse and apparently so undeserving that much of it was never translated to the big time.

Forget all of that for now.  I’m assuming many of you first heard of FORBIDDEN via SLAYER and the Paul Bostaph connection.  If you’re older than even that, pat yourself on your increasingly hunching back.  (Perhaps you traced your way via NEVERMORE — my condolences there as well.)  If you’re still in the dark on FORBIDDEN, let’s listen closely and write down our most intimate feelings as things move along.

I’m going to sum this album up as succinctly as I can.  Check your notes and see if you agree or disagree:

The Band

  • Virtuosic lead guitars
  • Unremarkable percussion
  • Love/hate speed metal singer with good range but some restless quirks

The Songs

  • Chalice of Blood — Safe but serviceable opener; good tone-setter
  • Off the Edge — Goofy fucking chorus and riffs; a dud
  • Through Eyes of Glass — AWESOME
  • Forbidden Evil — SIMILAR AWESOME.  Great vocal melodies, riffs and build-up
  • March into Fire — Going nowhere fast
  • Feel No Pain — Goofy chorus writing strikes again
  • As Good as Dead — Enough already.  Hasty songwriting drags down the day
  • Follow Me — A bit of riffy salvation and excitement, if overly long, but salvages for the album at close

I’ve consistently enjoyed listening to this one since my first experience with it (maybe 15 years ago now?  It’s so hard to remember) and have just as consistently had trouble with the same moments mentioned above.  Many of those stumbles are the mark of an immature band, no doubt, but are hard to wholly forgive in any context.  I think Forbidden Evil‘s good moments are enough reason to own the album anyway, with the caveat that you first procure 1990s Twisted into Form to hear a true near-masterpiece of technical and melodic speed metal.  For now, don’t forget DARK ANGEL Darkness Descends or Leave Scars, our previously featured ARTILLERY (wherever you can find it), masters of metal AGENT STEEL or Bay Area partners HEATHEN to garnish your 80s speed/thrash sampler platter.



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