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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: FLESHCRAWL

german frivolityA stunning return to form with a true forgotten classic on DMM!  Germany’s FLESHCRAWL is the band you’ve ignored for years, perhaps justifiably so.  While most of their career’s output is competent and certainly consistent death metal, within the recurring waves of old-school pretenders they’ve more than had their work cut out for them in demanding your ears and dollars.  No matter — it is the very humble opinion of this blog that everybody should remember and revere them for the greatness that is their 1992 debut effort Descend into the Absurd.

Ironically, on this album they were perfectly capable of distancing themselves from hordes of bands with a similar aesthetic, and way back in a time when people actually had to purchase music to claim any allegiance to it.  As Deutchland’s answer to Stockholm’s stranglehold on European DM, FLESHCRAWL brought together American sickness, Finnish doom-laden mystery and Swedish heaviness and energy to create a harrowing, soul-stripping journey into death metal madness.

The bloodfrozen pace, used liberally, is such a welcome change from the high-tempo race to nowhere that seems to always be in vogue in the DM world.  Check out the miasmic opening passage and subsequent harmony on “Perpetual Dawn,” which are nothing without the up-down tempos established on the opening track.  The same kind of frenetic tendencies (to borrow their phrase) reappear throughout the album and turn the screws on your expectations each subsequent time.  Another favorite passage on an album full of them is the vocal trade-off in “Festering Flesh,” which is something AUTOPSY wished they could have written at the time.  Really brilliant stuff from beginning to end.

Of course cosmic justice demands Descend into the Absurd be way out of print, despite the Black Mark label’s insistence of keeping certain favorites perpetually available.  Would a small reissue be such a bad thing?  Or a license to Metal Blade perhaps, their long-time (and current?) label?  While you wait in suffering for a new version, please enjoy the streaming link above and check out diSEMBOWELMENT, AUTOPSY (old and new, it’s all great) or old CARNAGE for more of that deathpaced insanity.



4 comments on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: FLESHCRAWL

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  2. Passenger
    February 22, 2015

    I must admit that while I love this album, for some reason I never bothered with the rest of their discography, and Fleshcrawl released a lot of albums. Usually the magic vanishes after the debut, which is why so many acclaimed gems are bands who released only one album and then split-up. Anyway, I have to someday listen to some of their other offerings, even if I guess that their debut was their pinnacle.

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