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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: DETERIOROT

cemetery lust!Week 4, and keeping that metal train rolling with New Jersey’s DETERIOROT, specifically their 2001 affair In Ancient Beliefs.  The band was more than 10 years old at the time of this debut full-length, and by then had developed a sound that was an amalgamation of a number of key US and European (English, Swedish and Finnish) influences from the 1990s death metal heyday.  Evil and unapologetic screeds meld with the quasi-Baroque and become awash in evocative atmosphere.

The sense of his album is somewhat transitional, and it is easy when listening to picture the down-tuned filth of INCANTATION or ROTTREVORE (or even very early MORTICIAN) getting the intellectual shove from more open and more accessible songcraft of European extraction.  The doominess inherent in both is the bridge DETERIOROT carefully walks to make this happen, and they are mostly successful in bringing together several years of somewhat disparate songwriting under the In Ancient Beliefs banner.

Besides the clues given above (INCANTATION being most obvious), it’s worth pursuing AMORPHIS (Tales from the Thousand Lakes or The Karelian Isthmus), PARASIDE LOST (Gothic) and GOREMENT (Within the Shadow of Darkness aka The Ending Quest) for the same suffocating and mournful heaviness that DETERIOROT delivers.  Any old Finnish death metal you can get your hands on (Into the Void Records carries CONVULSE, for instance) will generally fit the bill as well.



One comment on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: DETERIOROT

  1. Passenger
    February 22, 2015

    Deteriorot are one of the bands that got discovered thanks to the internet, I think. Nowadays, they seem to be a little forgotten. There was also another brilliant band, Deteriorate which released wonderful album “Rotting in Hell” with this home, warm production quality. The label that released it (JL America) were known for ripping off the bands, but they were lucky to have one the best bands in the underground, like Beherit, Acheron, Goatlord.

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