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Death Metal Monday, A to Z: CREEPMIME

people liked death metal onceA true Dutch treat for you on this beautiful Death Metal Monday.  CREEPMIME were a unique outfit combining doomy cadence and melodic, progressive flair to achieve highly classy and artfully crafted death metal.  Not bad for a band whose name is synonymous with SICK CLOWN.  Shadows, the band’s 1993 effort produced by PESTILENCE’s Patrick Mameli, shows remarkable restraint when considered against the music of many of their contemporaries, who were using death metal’s ludicrous nature to push boundaries of speed, abstract brutality and absurd subject matter at the expense of true songwriting dexterity and thoughtfulness.

What stands out most on Shadows is the slow burn of all the songs: the pace rarely quickens beyond a middling double-roll, with nary a thrashy scissor beat to be found throughout the 48-minute affair.  The rhythm is buttressed by an excellent bass guitar presence that sets a thick foundation for the meandering and melodic riffing.  The manipulation of these slower tempos to push and pull the listener’s expectations is particularly impressive — for example, “Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten” sets a beautiful low-point for the album with haunting exhortations and long, patient resolutions.  In fact, the feeling is strong that these songs were crafted with album-length patience in mind, and the rewards are yours as your ears unwind the subtleties and intricacies upon repeated listens.

There honestly isn’t a lot of direct comparison for this band, and it’s somewhat amazing that what seems like the simple formula of doomy, heartfelt death metal wasn’t manipulated more often by CREEPMIME’s peers.  Nonetheless, you may find some interesting parallels in MY DYING BRIDE’s earlier death metal-influenced works (the Trinity EP collection is a good start), as well as the twisted architecture of AT THE GATES’s The Red in the Sky is Ours.



One comment on “Death Metal Monday, A to Z: CREEPMIME

  1. Passenger
    February 22, 2015

    Both of their albums are a good listen. There is something about Doom/Death that makes this music very emotional, despite the extremity. Bands like Beyond Belief, or Pentacle (also from Netherlands) were capable of making powerful music. Netherlands had plethora of styles. The country itself is a phenomenon. I don’t think there is other country, who despite being small, had produced so much good music.

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