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Metal News, Distilled: Lazy Summer Edition

Where else should he be?  He knows his lines

Where else should he be? He knows his lines

God, it’s been so long since our last installment of the random metal news update.  Does this mean metal has been dormant for the summer?  That I’ve been dormant for the summer?  That my mind has been turned to a pitiable coagulant by sunshine, mixed drinks and entrenched apathy?  Yes.

It definitely isn’t that we’ve stopped selling metal.  Into the Void USA has certainly been humming, even on weekends when seemingly the entire state of Minnesota fucks off north and drinks extra hard to escape their wretched and mundane life of drinking near home.  So, you may ask, what’s new and worth knowing?

Well.  It seems the following bands have released albums within the past month or so, or have announced they will soon.  Look for some of your favorites!

  • A very sleepy JUDAS PRIEST put out a new one a couple weeks back.  It’s hard to believe Painkiller is almost 25 years old, but Redeemer of Souls (more like Deliverer of Snores amirite) certainly puts that into obvious perspective.  Even a youth injection — not literally, I don’t think, but only Halford truly knows — in the form of a new guitarist to replace KK Downing couldn’t kick this one up a notch.  Harsh reality for the 60-plus set.  Apparently it cracked the US Billboard Top 10 in its first week though, their first ever, so that’s something right?  Metal stays afloat while recorded music everywhere else dies a much-deserved precipitous death.  Thanks guys!
  • OVERKILL released a new one on Tuesday.  Here’s a review from somebody who has ostensibly heard it.
  • Ancient Texas speed-thrashers RIGOR MORTIS are self-releasing their final album called Slaves to the Grave, recorded in 2012 with then-not-dead guitartist Mike Scaccia (also of MINISTRY).  All original line-up including vocalist Bruce Corbitt.  It’s not until October 7 but you know I can’t wait to share news you don’t care about.
  • KRIEG, when not menstruating about his woeful experiences as a mall music store clerk, has found the time to name his next set of fabulous improv Transient (Candlelight, September 2).
  • BURZUM, while not being charged with French hate crimes (i.e. making unsatisfying pastries or working more than 30 hours a week), looking old as fuck or making underwhelming post-prison albums, has found the time to pen another underwhelming post-prison album The Ways of Yore, already out in Europe.  Who knew?  It will also see a North America release, also on Candlelight Records, also on September 2.  Fucking hell man, enough is enough though, really.
  • Maybe people still listen to INTERNAL BLEEDING?  I am shocked, shocked to see that they’ve found their to Unique Leader for their next BBQ pit slab Imperium.
  • LOCAL ANGLE!  Tridroid Records will be putting out Malignant Universe by INVIDIOSUS on July 29.  PS — Into the Void USA already has it.  Stop by for a few copies and a free Hamm’s with valid ID.
  • Infamous/reformed/German DEATH ripoffs MORGOTH will release an EP titled God Is Evil via their old pals at Century Media (August 12).  As if two uninspired songs for $8 or whatever will make Feel Sorry for the Fanatic disappear down the memory hole.

In other news, the following tours will not be coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Who’s in charge of this shit anyway?

  • The aforementioned KING DIAMOND
  • Reformed NWOBHM legends SATAN (though, to be fair, they are limited to only a handful of dates)
  • ARTILLERY and ONSLAUGHT (Milwaukee, a break and then Winnipeg?  WTF) [UPDATE!  Reportedly this is coming and will be at POV’s on 65 in Spring Lake Park, presumably on that previous off day.  Cheers to whomever stepped up for that!]
  • JUDAS PRIEST (Two Indiana shows covers Chicago, I guess, since they aren’t going there either.  So there’s that.  Kansas City is closer anyway, and since you’re missing KING DIAMOND in Chicago I believe your calendar is free.  Get cracking!  Can’t miss Halford whiffing on “The Ripper” and “Exciter” for possibly the last time.  Also with STEEL PANTHER.  lol)

The following tour is not coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul, but nobody cares, including you:


And finally, these tours are not coming and somebody might care:

  • VATTNET VISKAR, who will go as far as hipster/nutbar haven Madison and turn tail for arson haven Detroit, and
  • BLOOD OF KINGS of Seattle, whom I’ve only vaguely heard of, will manage to hit 25 cities in the US while missing the 16th largest metro area.  Which is ours.

You know you’re geographically cursed when Cleveland sees 5x the metal tour throughput you do, but would you really trade it for life in Cleveland?  That’s a good question to ponder while hallucinating under the hot sun.  Report back next time with your answers.



3 comments on “Metal News, Distilled: Lazy Summer Edition

  1. Eric
    July 25, 2014

    A miscellany of thoughts come to mind: 1) all clevland hallucinations by yours truly only involve devils night river arson w/my boyz and are entirely metal-free. 2) Judas Priest however played the state fair awhile back here, which just wouldn’t happen in ol cuyahoga county. 3) I heard there was to be an unprecedented lute and tambourine driven burzum gig at the Ren Fest this year but recent controversies put a wrench in the thing (bosomy corset wenches protested that ways of yore just wasn’t olde timey enough).

    • Neil
      July 29, 2014

      1. That might explain why Cleveland had a FLAMING RIVER

      2. But not flaming enough for Halford, obviously…

      3. Maybe we can get Varg shifted to the Leinie Lodge Bandshell at the MN State Fair!

  2. Eric
    August 3, 2014

    MR VIKERNESS: RE Rider Request- Unfortunately the nature of our liquor license does not permit us to serve “unpasteurized mead” or unlicensed alcoholic beverages of any type. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of Leinenkugel products on tap at the Leinie Lodge, including our signature Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss: a Leinenkugel innovation that’s light, crisp and includes a refreshing hint of honey flavor. Please enjoy Leinenkugel products responsibly.

    The Leinie Lodge Crew

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