Into the Void Records USA [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

St. Paul, Minnesot'as True Metal Record Store (RIP as of Dec. 24, 2015)

Twin Cities Metal Calendar: Still Exists

A friendly reminder to please visit our calendar for updates on metal events around the Twin Cities. I know people see it and I hope it’s been helpful. I try to keep it updated and will continue to do so, ideally weekly (and not weakly); any feedback on how to improve it would also be much appreciated.

Some general tendencies of the calendar: it is mostly for tickets available at Into the Void, i.e. for touring events primarily at Mill City Nights/Nether Bar, Amsterdam Bar, Skyway Theater, Triple Rock Social Club and occasional one-offs elsewhere (such as Myth in Maplewood). Some strictly local shows will make their way to the calendar as well, particularly if we see them while mining info for shows at our ticketed venues.  If we’re reminded or asked nicely and directly via comment or message we’ll do our best to include anything relevant.

All tickets at Into the Void are CASH ONLY. This benefits you, our loyal customers, by giving you a convenient outlet for such purposes and helps you avoid ludicrous upcharges on online sales and door fees. It benefits us by giving a reason for you to show you shining faces, but we see zero direct monetary gain otherwise. This unfortunately keeps us from selling First Avenue/7th Street Entry tickets, but we’ll nearly always have reminders for such shows in the shop.

Cheers, support live metal and thanks for your continued patronage!


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