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Live Show Review: CARCASS, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GORGUTS, NOISEM, Minneapolis, MN (Mill City Nights), 4/4/2014

Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN
Friday, April 4, 2014

I’m going to make this one quick and dirty since it always feels a little eccentric to write a field report about a show that has already been seen or will be seen within a few days max by the potential reader.  Such thoughts are best saved for yelling sardonically in your friends’ ears during or after the show, drink in hand, or else this may as well be a junior high extra credit assignment.

TL;DR version for the ADHD masses: the two old bastard bands were tight and professional and I didn’t watch the other two.  Everything hummed along admirably, sound was potent and drinks were expensive.  GORGUTS played too short a set and Jeff Walker needs a muzzle.  The price of admission was probably fair even if I find it unlikely that many in attendance were keen on every band.

NOISEM: To ease myself into the MCN atmosphere and alcoholic marketplace I enjoyed an ample serving of whiskey next door during the NOISEM set.  Recommended, 7/10 would bang again.

GORGUTS: Opening with four new tracks seemed like a bad idea.  As a long-time stalwart of their original material, the Colored Sands material was practically somnambulistic to me, which detracted from the studied and excellent musicianship.  It also just seems like good form to touch on classic material rather than simply ending an already short set with an obvious choice (“Obscura.”)  Still, they were satisfying; always best to be left in want than bored stiff and their technical skills were undeniable.  A headline or co-headline tour and a smaller venue for GORGUTS would be guaranteed fantastic fun.

(THE?) BLACK DAHLIA MURDER: Even though I know this stuff is getting old now, I’m getting old just the same and came too late to the game to appreciate them.  I saw a bit through the monitors in the upstairs rear bar, which is easily the best respite in Mill City for shows where the upper levels are open.  I’m sure they know what they’re doing and equally sure I don’t care very much.

CARCASS: To preface, I’ve listened to CARCASS for essentially my entire metal career and have really only clicked with the first two albums.  That said, after a 15-or-so-year hiatus (from regular playing, anyway), they were very impressive.  The melodic rock of their later efforts didn’t come across so adroitly stacked next to the universally venerated and transitional Necroticism material, which was buttressed by sturdier cuts from Symphonies of Sickness and Reek of Putrefaction  Most of the Surgical Steel tracks were indistinguishable from Heartwork‘s best known pieces and came across well even if they are about as unserious as Jeff Walker’s mealy mouthed and grating stage banter.  I’ll admit to losing interest as things drew on, well after the fire alarms went off (?), but I’ll credit some old fuckers for keeping themselves in shape and garnering some well-earned praise from most I talked to at night’s end.



2 comments on “Live Show Review: CARCASS, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GORGUTS, NOISEM, Minneapolis, MN (Mill City Nights), 4/4/2014

  1. Eric
    April 22, 2014

    Hmm. Missed this one. Glad Carcass is still playing tight, despite it honestly never occurring to me to actually check out their latest. As far as Ladies’ Home Journal goes (they sponsoring this Metal Alliance thing too?), I prefer sticking to old copies of RIP magazine from the late 80’s I find in the back of used bookstores. Featuring amazing letters to the editor and killer full page ads for Sodom’s Persecution Mania. Plus, its def-ness is NOT up for debate:

    • Neil
      April 22, 2014

      CARCASS were definitely spirited, for what it’s worth. They haven’t been my brand for some time but I can appreciate that at least.

      Metal Alliance is a label/distributor/merchandise sponsored deal, so same effect without the middlewomen. I’d take a RIP-sponsored tour any day though assuming the bands are of the same vintage.


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