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Two-minutes love time!

Instead of a cheesy top-1o post for 2013, which I’m too late for if I could even name 10 albums released last year, let’s hop into the wayback Datsun and revisit one of metal’s golden eras.

Why look back 30 years and not 25?  No good reason other than math is hard.  I’ll probably do a 1989 post as well, but 1984 represents a much more varied time when several genres were germinating and co-developing.  Plus Orwellian tyranny compels it.

I think the following can all safely be called CLASSIC albums for one reason or another, which in this case includes possibly mediocre releases by classic bands. There were also hordes of mid-level and newly formed bands carrying the torches of NWOBHM and nascent speed, thrash and death metal — think POSSESSED’s Death Metal demo, for instance.  Their works deserve some tender ear-loving as well.  You know the kind.

Think back on the quantity of quality metal in those days, ye minions of the blade, and despair NOT; rather, reacquaint yourself with these in any way possible if necessary. Daily metallic affirmation for your wretched new year.

  • ANTHRAX – Fistful of Metal
  • BATHORY – Bathory
  • CELTIC FROST – Morbid Tales
  • DESTRUCTION – Sentence of Death
  • DIO – The Last in Line
  • EXCITER – Violence & Force
  • HELLHAMMER – Apocalyptic Raids
  • IRON MAIDEN – Powerslave
  • JAG PANZER – Ample Destruction
  • JUDAS PRIEST – Defenders of the Faith
  • METAL CHURCH – Metal Church
  • MERCYFUL FATE – Don’t Break the Oath
  • METALLICA – Ride the Lightning
  • OMEN – Battle Cry
  • OVERKILL – Overkill
  • SAINT VITUS – Saint Vitus
  • SODOM – In the Sign of Evil
  • SLAYER – Haunting the Chapel
  • VOIVOD – War and Pain

I’m sure I missed or omitted something.  Feel free to savage me in the comments with additional entries.  Then listen to whatever it is I forgot as your reward unless it is VAN HALEN 1984.



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