Into the Void Records USA [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

St. Paul, Minnesot'as True Metal Record Store (RIP as of Dec. 24, 2015)

Metal and Beer

For you extreme metal fans who are also fans of “extreme” beer, some pertinent links and info:

Highly respected beer blogger and author Stan Hieronymus has a post up reviewing the new book The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers: An All-Excess Pass to Brewing’s Outer Limits.  It’s a logical connection for us at Into the Void Records USA, as it should be for any aficionados of various Minnesota breweries.  Coming from Decibel Magazine it’s hard to say how accurate it will be on either front.  Thankfully I have a copy secured and will post my honest review in the coming weeks.

As with many other books, it would be a treat to someday have it in the store if it proves worthwhile.  Until that day comes you can find it here.

Here’s another great description of the collaborative spirit directly shared between “extreme”/craft beers and metal: Headbangers Brew: A History of Heavy Metal and Craft Beer Collaborations

And on a related note, Into the Void Records will be providing a DJ set for the release of several swarthy, heady, winter-ready beers at the Nomad World Pub on Friday, December 27.  Your family will thank you for finally leaving the house that night.  I’ll update with details as they are available, as will the Nomad.  The event page can be found here.

Update: The beer will include Deschutes Black Butte 25, Surly Darkness, Fulton Worthy Adversary, Great Lakes Black Out Stout, Ommegang Take The Black Stout, Southern Tier Inequity, Hammerheart Cascadian Black Ale.  A total blackout!



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