Into the Void Records USA [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

St. Paul, Minnesot'as True Metal Record Store (RIP as of Dec. 24, 2015)


For your informative pleasure, Into the Void Records USA presents a smattering of recent metal news and commentary. Prepare for a cognitive crush of current events to keep you up-to-date on bands who actually matter (and some that don’t, for the amusement of all). Enjoy.

SATAN’S HOST, recently near-and-dear to my microwaved heart, is releasing a new album Virgin Sails on Moribund Cult on November 19. Harry Conklin, master of vocal turpitude, is again along for the ride, meaning the result will be another high-caliber hybrid of wicked power metal, black-death melodic and tempo stylings and a touch of the feverish occultism of vintage MERCYFUL FATE. Expect Satanic excellence. New track “Cor Malifecus – Heart of Evil” can be previewed below.

ARTILLERY, for you old bastards, is back and slated to release Legions on Metal Blade on November 26. You may remember them from such albums as Terror Squad, which featured cartoon cops with giant hands, sadistic surgeons and a terrifying catdog trying to eat your balls; and By Inheritance, the cover of which tackled the pressing issue of chimpanzee identity crises. Anyway, great power/thrash with wailing vocals. If they stick to that formula I’m in.

INQUISITION, arpeggio-picked, throat-infected overlords of USBM, have signed to France’s once useless, suddenly important label Season of Mist and will be releasing Obscure Verses For The Multiverse on October 25. A streaming preview in the form of the title track is HERE, even though I bet we both know what it sounds like. I mean come on.

Speaking of I mean come on, DEICIDE is releasing a new album (In the Minds of Evil, November 26 via Century Media).  Presumably Glen Benton has child support payments to make and Jack Daniel’s to consume and his coffers are empty.  What are you, some kind of charity-hating Satanist?  Help the man out for Christ’s sake.  I’m not even going to give you a sample.

Finally, CONVULSE have reformed and are releasing a new album, Evil Prevails, on Finland’s Svart Records internationally on November 1.  Like most of their toe-headed countrymen, they’ve opted out of mimicking their circus music failures of the mid-90s and suddenly remembered that they love the gritty and dark death metal that made Finland famous in the first place.  Go figure!  If the album is consistently like the sample featured below I won’t call them out on that.



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