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GORGUTS: Full Stream of Upcoming Colored Sands Album

considered dead?

The old band looked better. So did the shirts.

Hello again fellow metal travelers,

From the UK to French Canada we go in search of death metal comebacks to call our own.  This time it is from GORGUTS, a band who has already managed one peculiar and quite likable death metal tangent following the brilliant and definitive The Erosion of Sanity.  What will these creative Québécois (or, at this point, one Frog-Canadian and three Americans) manage 12 years hence?

Since we at Into the Void Records love our customers so bloody fucking much, we also enjoy sharing anything to provide you insight on whether you, YOU, personally will enjoy what you’re perhaps about to buy.  GORGUTS and Season of Mist (and Revolver magazine) apparently feel the same way and have graciously offered the new one in its entirety.

Having only heard Colored Sands once thus far, and only casually, I’m keeping mum on whether I feel this plays proper successor to From Wisdom to Hate.  The band hit a worthwhile dead end at that point by forcing Obscura‘s hyper-mystic atonality into a more recognizable (and more metal) framework.  It was perhaps best that they took hiatus (i.e. broke up, if this counts for that), even if it meant blowing up the band almost entirely in the process.  Because Luc Lemay, as the only survivor, was always the stolid and creative core of GORGUTS, I’m going to continue to listen and hope I’m ultimately going to get what I know he is capable of doing.

The tracks:

Le Toit du Monde

An Ocean of Wisdom

Forgotten Arrows

Colored Sands

The Battle of Chamdo

Enemies of Compassion

Ember’s Voice


Reduced to Silence

This one is scheduled for the Into the Void Records shelves on September 3rd.  Call or hit us up on Facebook first just to make sure.

Cheers and enjoy!


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