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CARCASS: Surgical Steel — Due at Into the Void September 17, 2013


This may be incredibly ho-hum and stale news to everybody who happens across this, but CARCASS is set to make a reappearance after a long delay with the album Surgical Steel.  The North American release date is (Tuesday) September 17, 2013.  Here’s the official teaser track “Captive Bolt Pistol”:

The remainder of this post was completed without the following to the best of my knowledge, so don’t go blaming it on that now:

  • The abuse of illicit narcotics
  • An illegal download of an album leak or the streaming of anything other than the track above
  • Reading any opinions on Surgical Steel of any sort whatsoever, including the sycophantic ones at Blabbermouth or the illiterate ones at YouTube

I’m finding that writing a blog for a store or business is a strangely difficult act of balance.  How much opinion should be rendered?  How far should it be taken to either extreme before it risks looking like paid-for pandering or alienating customers from their potential purchases?  It has, at least, helped me formulate my constructive side: see my last SATAN’S HOST review and a number of other recent attempts throughout this blog’s short history.  Staying positive is a good way to get people on your side, but I think brutal honesty will keep them there if they themselves are honest. 

With that, why does there seem to be any hype about this release whatsoever?  I seriously don’t get it.  I could ask related questions to several metalhead camps. 

Dearest old fucks: Remember when CARCASS turned from innovative and much-emulated grindcore act to medicore death metal band to half-baked ripoff of latter-era MEGADETH as soon as a few bucks were involved?  Why do they deserve the time of day now?  Because they’re using the old logo?

Dearest younger generation:  Take a good listen to the sample track above.  Does it remind you of anything?  Of course not, because you were not around when every commercially minded Swedish band to was doing their best to dilute death metal with poorly conceived heavy metal; see: CARNAL FORGE and hundreds of other faceless clones.  If that style suits you, there are already millions of cheap alternatives.  I’m sure Metal Blade has a full warehouse of them if you’d care to take a look.

I get very little from “Captive Bolt Pistol”:  an ENTOMBED-like main riff, Necroticism-era chorus and a fairly ill-placed and unecessarily melodic instrumental breakdown.  The repetition betrays lazy-minded songwriting at its worst, which is nothing one would hope for with a supposedly monumental return to glory.

I understand this may seem an overwrought opinion for single track’s listening, but shouldn’t that mean it is the best possible representation of what is to come with the rest?  I truly hope I’m wrong and that this turns out to be more than a pathetic footnote for another washed up creative failure.



3 comments on “CARCASS: Surgical Steel — Due at Into the Void September 17, 2013

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  2. jezebel82
    September 26, 2013

    I actually thought this album was great. Funny how it took them 20 years to release a good album haha.

  3. Neil
    September 26, 2013

    I need to listen to the whole album a few times, for sure. I keep being told I’m wrong at every turn. I’m a crowd-pleasing sort if anything 🙂

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