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New AUTOPSY Album — The Headless Ritual


AUTOPSY Lookin’ New and ‘topsy.

The release of death metal demigods AUTOPSY’s sixth studio full-length The Headless Ritual is imminent; according to Peaceville Records, June 24th in the UK/Europe, and likely July 2 in the US. We here at Into the Void USA will keep you updated on when it arrives.  (By the way, searching for Autopsy record returns pretty useless results in Google.)

At the risk of repeating the same garbage forever, I’m glad to see an old and foundational band thriving with new material.  Although not exactly dormant for their 15-year hiatus (ABSCESS, DOOMED and others), it certainly seemed like a foregone conclusion that AUTOPSY as we knew it was kaput and any comeback would be punchless and tired.

Thankfully, if seeing them live (thanks to MDF 2010) wasn’t convincing enough to put those notions to death, Macabre Eternal (2011), in my estimation anyway, sealed the coffin.  There’s a lot of life left in those sludgy, plodding tones and the limbs and throats of all involved, aided by a fresh and virile approach to the band’s telltale songwriting.

Since AUTOPSY has come full circle to the riff-driven attacks of Severed Survival and Mental Funeral, sometimes risking plagiarism of memorable moments on those albums, the pitfall now and going forward will be the parody of self-reference.  This sample seems to indicate that they’ve managed to keep the balance of familiarity and ingenuity intact.

The tracklist:

01. Slaughter at Beast House
02. Mangled Far Below
03. She is a Funeral
04. Coffin Crawlers
05. When Hammer Meets Bone
06. Thorns and Ashes
07. Arch Cadaver
08. Flesh Turns to Dust
09. Running from the Goathead
10. The Headless Ritual



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