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Used Disc Abuse #1

Although the primary focus of Into The Void USA is new music, we’re always happy to see quality used wares come though the door. And what’s more fun than finding a used gem among the rubble in a classic record shop?  Maybe being a record store employee who wastes his shift listening to these things at random.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that.  Pure egalitarian amusement!

I will literally close my eyes to pick these off the shelf.  If I know the selection well, I put it back; if I don’t, no cheating with Encyclopedia Metallum, Discogs or other cataloguing Internet nerdery to influence my listening experience, just my unadulterated biases and predilections laid bare.  Any links are added post-listen for reader convenience.

If it’s not obvious so far, I will offer genuine commentary entangled with and following my ad-libbed mess.  This could get really annoying.

Anyway.  Less chat, more hat(e):


LEUKORRHEA — Hatefucked and Tortured

No obvious year anywhere — I’m going to guess 1999 before hearing it as this doesn’t ring a bell at all.  The label is Forever Underground, whom I actually ordered from back in the day.  Should be pretty close to correct.  (I find out later it’s 2001.  Very sorry.)

Off to an appropriate start for us with that title, right?  Hatetortured and Fucked (or Fucked and Hatetortured, which technically might be less illegal if done in that order) wouldn’t have the same ring to it, even if the cover makes that seem way more appropriate.  There is literally almost no woman left on that cover, but both tits can still be found, the second one in Where’s Waldo? fashion. Classic.

Horror movie stills all over the layout; short-haired and be-ballcapped band members on the back.  I’m hatefucked in anticipation!

Starts with a horror movie sample even!  And surprisingly, no blast beats for several minutes.  Palm-mutes and pinchies (PMP’n baby!). Competent bass work.  Murky and digitally scarred production with the kind of cat-scratch distortion that ruined a lot of albums circa 1996 (and maybe still does; I have no idea).

Here’s a short blast beat; the snare is way up in the mix like it was overdubbed.  Fucking weird; maybe one of those cases where they forced their buddy to quit playing 311 covers and join a Real Band because he was the only drummer they knew from high school. Then the song ends with the piano music from Nekroromantik before it even develops, which is even more confusing.

Second song ends without warning as well.  Serious cut-and-paste riff action and no architecture.  Picture constructing a building by dropping the concrete in a formless megapile, and then installing the windows.  Even that seems a little too complex for what’s going on here most of the time.  Blast beats and double-bass/slam parts fall all out of kilter constantly.  Isn’t rhythm the main point?

A track with an acoustic intro and some tempo manipulation arrives.  Oops, they just killed it.  Back to more of the same autism-meets-PYREXIA’s-first-album action for the rest of this.  One of the lead-in samples uses the C-word and my ears perk up for three seconds before I’m lulled back to distorted noise sleep once more.

The end.  I love/hatefuck when my expectations are so thoroughly met.

One-Sentence Summary: INTERNAL BLEEDING without the talent or finesse.  Haha.

Interesting Fact I Learned After My Listen: One member is (was?) ex-TERATISM.  No, the death metal band from Massachusetts. So really, I know nothing new at all.

And you probably don’t either!



2 comments on “Used Disc Abuse #1

  1. KDS
    April 26, 2013

    Haha, I’m loving these blog entries. Keep up the good work!

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